Sum up of O_Live

The name of the project is an acronym that expresses its mission: OLympism In Values Education. It is also a reference to the olive tree, a symbol of friendship and peace. The inspiration for this project was the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and the values they have symbolised over the years.

In addition, the findings of the Eurydice report “Citizenship Education at School in Europe 2017” clearly show the need to strengthen citizenship education in schools with additional methods and new ideas.

The main idea of the project is to develop a method that enables participants to become the best version of themselves. In this way, teachers and their students will explore the Olympic values/skills through playful and active exercises to train their respect and tolerance, both for the lives of others and for the safety of the planet.

Our goals :

To provide an innovative methodology for primary school teachers to deliver high quality learning opportunities for citizenship education. Teachers play a central role in the process of developing skills/knowledge and promoting international perspectives early in a young person’s life.

To inspire and strengthen the awareness/skills of primary school pupils (aged 8-10) for active citizenship and a democratic way of life based on the common values shared by the Olympic Games and the EU. Values such as unity, respect and tolerance. Our hope is that if children are trained to play responsibly and democratically, these values are more likely to be deeply embedded in their consciousness, and thus in their social behaviour as future adult citizens.

Our tools :

We will use two basic and natural methods of learning: a) learning through play and b) learning through experience.

Creative theatre and sport are universal practices that will be our training vehicle. They are proven to be highly motivational, social, fun and active learning tools. They allow people from different backgrounds, cultures and personalities to come together and play!

Our tools will include role-playing, sports games, collaborative tasks, improvisation, physical expression, imagination and creative scenarios.

According to our research, the majority of projects related to the Olympic Games are sport-oriented. O_live’s innovation is the harmonious combination and balance of theatre and sport, with the aim of softening the competitive element that exists in sport. Our intention goes far beyond cultivating excellence in the participants’ sporting skills. Our priority is to encourage them to participate in the exploration of shared values through movement, role-play, etc.

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