Final letter

Dear youngest members of the Olympic Power Team,
Congratulations on your wonderful ideas to make the world a fairer place!

We recognize the hard work of the Team and of course your progress. You tried all the different games from around the world. Your ideas and accomplishments connect body, soul and spirit! The three key elements of the Olympic Games, as you already know…

Now, you are ready to change the world and make it a better place for everyone. You can start by playing these games with your family, friends and neighborhood.

We hope that in the future you will continue to incorporate the values you stand for into your daily life and share them with many other people.

Last but not least,
We have decided, in honor of your invaluable contribution, to send you a special Olympic medal.

ONLY members of the Olympic Power Team have this medal, so be proud of yourself!

The flame on the medal symbolizes the connection between the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece and the modern Games. This flame has been carrying the message of peace and friendship between people for centuries.

With deep gratitude and respect, 

the Olympic Power Committee