Let’s talk with numbers!

During the last two months of O_LIVE events we presented our results to a total of 142 people from the Education and Culture sector.

108 of them were trained by our trainers on how to apply the O_LIVE method. Among them were primary and secondary school teachers, educational staff from cultural and educational institutions, school principals, local authorities, stakeholders, EU Commission and DG EAC, EACEA policy officers. 

So far a total of 149 students aged 8-10 years old have participated in the O_LIVE workshops (6 in total).

98 of them took part in the survey in order to validate our method

4 different countries: France, Greece, Belgium, Germany hosted our multiple events.

The project is practically completed.

But O_LIVE method will continue to be available free of charge in 4 languages. English, French, Greek, German. We encourage you to download it, apply all the activities in your group, modify it according to your needs and the needs of your participants. Last but not least, enjoy it!

The tutorial videos visually demonstrating the application of each workshop will remain available to the public on the project’s youtube channel. We encourage you to watch them in order to solve any possible doubts. Available subtitles in FR, GR, EN, DE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzYhSEczOnc&t=1s

Finally, we invite you to share the above material with people who might be interested! 


Future citizens and leaders will come from the schools we have now. 

So if we better equip students today, the world will be a better place!

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