The O_live method incorporates the idea of sustainable development as defined by the United Nations. Ιn particular, human sustainability aims to preserve and improve human beings in society by the education systems, access to learning tools and knowledge. 

On the other hand, social sustainability focuses on maintaining and improving social quality by values between people’s relationships. 

This method supports by its very existence the sharing of ideas on core values such as equality, respect and democracy in the context of Olympism. 

Its priority is to propose 

●  easy-to-implement

●  time-oriented

●  movement-based

●  problem-solving oriented

●  engaging teaching activities. 


With this handbook we aim to support the educational community at different levels.

At the first level, help teachers to foster in students aged 8-10 the understanding that the
actions we all make can have an impact on others and the world.

At the second level, encourage and inspire the students to make their own impact be positive.