Opening letter

Dear all, 

Welcome to the Olympic power team! The next Olympic Games are COMING and we are super excited that we will have you on board!

As you know, every four years, athletes from around the world gather to compete in multi-sports such as sprinting, long jump, skateboard as part of the Olympics. Their prize? A shiny gold medal.

But do you know how it all began? 

The first known Olympic Games were held in the summer of 776 BC in Olympia, a location in southern Greece. In this way people honored their most famous god, Zeus, king of the gods. Divided into several city-states, the ancient Greeks had several differences but one major similarity. They all worshiped Zeus. So, even when there was war between them, the rival city-states declared a truce so that their athletes could take part in the Olympic Games. Their prize? A crown of olive leaves.

Nowadays, The modern Olympics aim to bring people from different parts of the world together and encourage
friendly competition and peace among nations. With more than 200 countries participating, the Olympics are the greatest global sports festival.

What is the Olympic power team? 

Over all these countless years, the Olympic Games have created the most great idea of building a peaceful and better world based on core values such as friendship, respect and equality. A world where all the people, all children could live in safety and joy.

We are happy to tell you that YOU, the future citizens of the world, ARE the ONLY ONES who can help us
make this idea come true!!! 

You are the new members of the Olympic power team so we will train you with the most exciting GAMES we have gathered from around the world. You will need to use 3 important elements: body, will and mind! 

Your mission is to:
a) play the games,
b) participate with all your heart in all of them and
c) learn to play them so well that you can show/share them to other people. 

Your prize?
When you manage all these 3 steps you would be ready to change the world with us and make it a better place for

Are you ready? Good luck!
With great respect and joy,
The oldest members of the Olympic power team!