The project is led by 5 partners from European artistic companies, associations and schools from France, Greece and Germany:

La Transplanisphère

A Parisian theater company, La Transplanisphère develops numerous projects exploring social and political issues through the performing arts.

Since 2010, the company has acquired expertise in the design and management of international cooperation projects supported by the European Commission. La Transplanisphère carries out various projects using theatrical and artistic tools to facilitate intercultural dialogue and stimulate active citizenship.

Since 2017, the company has been in residence at the Albert Schweitzer high school, in Le Raincy (Grand Paris), where it carries out various cultural activities with students. All of La Transplanisphère’s projects have a common objective: to contribute to the renewal of the open-mindedness of the world’s citizens.

Messolonghi by Locals

Messolonghi by Locals is an initiative empowering collectiveness in the local community of Messolonghi (Greece) by giving citizens a voice to express what their city is for them. 

Founded in 2018, the work of the company concerns the study, promotion and preservation of the local cultural heritage and environment.

Messolonghi by Locals has been coordinating educational programmes and projects as its mission is to activate/strengthen today’s citizens and educate children as future citizens, not only of Messolonghi but also of Europe and the world.

The company has also created the “Local Hub”, a social and cultural center, a space for expression, networking, learning, co-creation and collaboration where citizens’ meetings, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, screenings, etc. are hosted.

Zukunst e.V.

Zukunst is a non-profit association specializing in the experimentation with performing and visual arts and its use in educational and intercultural exchanges.

Founded in Berlin in 2019 by a group of international artists and intercultural educators, the association mainly focuses on activities in the field of informal education through different artistic disciplines, new ideas and non-standard thinking. At the same time Zukunst aims to support and promote artists from different art fields including (theater, circus, dance, architecture and music). 

In all the projects physical education and training are combined with a creative space. Where the body is both a tool of artistic expression, used to create choreographies and define stage movement and a source of emotion and inspiration.

Zukunst has collaborated with more than 20 organizations, both local (Berlin, Germany) and international, and has worked artistically on issues such as democracy, solidarity, freedom and human rights.

Association Sportive et Culturelle Les Fougères

The cultural association Les Fougères Élémentaire is a school cooperative with a legal status “loi 1901”. It was created in 1870 with a private status, then became a public school after the Second World War, in 1955.

The school welcomes about 280 students, mainly from the town of Le Raincy (France). In recent years, in the school sector, this population has changed as a result of several construction of social housing (workers, low-income employees) and an emergency housing center (CHU Le Raincy Aurore) that welcomes political refugees, migrants and families in difficulty.

The school today welcomes a large number of students on French territory (first and second generation) of different origins: Moroccan, Tunisian, Algerian, Congolese, Malian, Senegalese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Serbian, Moldavian, Turkish. 

The teaching staff is the strong point of the school as it invest in new pedagogical practices through educational projects engage art.

6th primary school of Messolonghi 

6th primary school of Messolonghi (Greece) characterized by extroversion. It has cooperated with Unesco, UNHCR, the British Cancel, the Ministry of Education and with Greek universities (Creta, Patras) with agencies and implements many programs, such as, Erasmus+ KA1. 

The school aims to create a safe and free space where every student can develop their talents, their creativity and their personality. The school is attended by children from Albania, Bulgaria, Iran, Syria, India, Iran, Syria and Roma children.

The school implements social awareness and empathy programmes, getting to know other peoples and exchanging good practices. Respect , acceptance, equality, tolerance are some values very important for the harmonious coexistence of our students in order to maintain a balance between them.

Gesundbrunnen Grundschule 

Gesundbrunnen Grundschule is a musical elementary school in Wedding, in the heart of Berlin.  The school accommodates pupils from different socio-cultural backgrounds and from over 40 nations. So there is a large number of languages of origin (approx.25). This richness and diversity are key features of our school and learning.

In the school about 550 children learn together, with each other and from each other. They are between 6 and 13 years old and go to classes 1 to 6.

As some of our students have problems with the German language, we use art, theater, crafts and dance as means of expression and learning. These art workshops attract their interest as they offer a common body language and a new code of communication.