O_live handbook

If you ask yourself,
“How can I explain the concept of democracy or equality to my students so that they can understand it better ?”
this handbook will guide you by physicalizing these concepts.

By getting students to move and use their bodies and imagination, you can explain deeper concepts in a tangible way.

All the activities you will find here include theater techniques and physical activities inspired by sports.

Dramatic techniques focus on attention, communication, empathy and can enhance the way a group works together more effectively.

On the other hand, physical activities and sports focus on discipline to achieve goals, accountability, patience, trying to progress and improve every day, self-awareness and respect.

Thus, these two different sources of active learning techniques are used in the service of teaching the values of Olympism.

Our aim through this combination is to help students aged 8-10 years old to understand these concepts through play and learn by doing.

Mara Kalantzi, La Transplanisphère (France)
Bruno Freyssinet, La Transplanisphère (France)
Niki Paksinou, Messolonghi By Locals (Greece)
Agisilaos Rompolas, Messolonghi By Locals (Greece)
Marie Chiotti, Zukunst (Germany)
Ines Litka, Zukunst (Germany)