Innovative method

Our innovative method take the form of a three-chapter manual and provide primary school teachers (especially for students aged 8-10 years) with high quality learning opportunities for citizenship education based on the Olympic values. 

It develops in 6 free, easy-to-implement, time-oriented and flexible workshops (2 workshops per chapter).

Our three chapters are :

  1. acting responsibly (self improvement, participation, self-control, cooperation) 
  2. acting democratically (respect, fairness, inclusion, conflict resolution) 
  3. acting equally (friendship, empathy, communication, equal opportunities) 

Each workshop give step-by-step instructions to the teachers on how to implement it in their classrooms. All of them familiarize teachers and their students with playful and collaborative learning techniques.

Empower them to explore knowledge through action, using their bodies, skills and minds towards everyday situations and cultivate conceptual understanding and critical thinking.

Current, global developments challenge the image of a teacher that only transfers knowledge on a specific topic.

Teachers more than ever play a central role in the process of developing life skills as well as cultivating international perspectives early in young people’s lives.

So, following this direction we believe that the O_live method is a really useful training tool for them.