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All the data has been collected  so now it’s time to move on...


First, we finished the preparation of the O_live tutorial videos! Using the audiovisual material collected during the pilot workshops in the classroom in all 3 partner countries.

Our aim with these tools is to increase the capacity of primary school teachers across Europe by applying our teaching methodology.

The 3 tutorial videos, one for each chapter, allow teachers to follow the implementation of each exercise/game and solve any questions they may have. Our Greek partner Messolonghi By Locals was in charge of video process.

We have also completed the evaluation!

Questionnaires were given to students and teachers before and after the implementation of our methodology in the classrooms. Our aim was to compare their responses.

This process has given us the opportunity to examine how well the O_LIVE method is achieving its objectives.
At the same time, it has helped us to identify not only what is working well, but also what can be improved in our collaborative initiative.

Our German partner Zukunst e.V. Berlin was in charge of the evaluation part!

Stay tuned for more O_live news…

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